The key to delivering you the best outcome

Our process outlines, in clearly defined phases, our plan to develop a solution to transform your business or its processes. It allows us to produce high-quality, cost efficient applications in the shortest possible time. Each phase is delivered to you to review and approve before we move onto the next one.
Discovery | Where it all begins

We sit with you to discuss how our innovative software solutions can address your businesses challenges, bottlenecks or hurdles. We can suggest what a new, refined process would look like, what tech to use and the steps to get you there. You know your business, we know tech!

Design | Create its look

After the discovery phase, we'll begin the design stages for you custom built application; map out a user flows, ensure your content scales screen sizes and test your design decisions.

Workflows | Sketching out user journeys

We sketch up workflows to represent the user’s journey (UX/UI) in all scenarios, along with features they’ll benefit from, this way you get to visualise your ideas on paper.

Wireframes | Make it digital

Making the Workflows digital - you get the opportunity to see your app idea in a clickable format for the first time so you can review your assets, features and functionality. It’s the first step from concept to product/solution so any major changes are easier to notice, add and implement.

Development | Writing the code

Now that we’ve defined the software requirements, designed the architecture and created a detailed plan for how to implement the mobile or desktop application, our developers will hardwire the features and functionalities on carefully chosen frameworks and programming languages.

Testing | Assuring its quality

Although things are tested throughout, now our specialist QA team will focus extensively on testing, ensuring the smoothness of the product’s functionality and operation. You’re part of that team! We’ll give you access to the test environment to review completed functionalities and provide your feedback.

Launch | Go Live

Now that the code is complete and thoroughly tested, it will be brought together into a deployable format then released to servers or Apple & Google Play Store(s).

The end | …very rarely

There will always be room for new improvements and features which makes launching an app a cyclical process, one that we will continue to be a part of to support and maintain your new digital product.