Courtesy Cars

Home-to-School Transport for Children


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Courtesy Cars Redhill Provides Home-to-School Transport for Children with Special Educational Needs.


Based in Redhillo, CCR have specialised in Wheelchair Accessible Transport for over 10 years and are one of the leading suppliers of Wheelchair Transport in the South East.


Their aim is to ensure each child travels to/from school in a secure and safe environment. To make this happen and remain compliant, all their drivers and passenger assistants hold Enhanced Disclosure & Barring service checks, additionally completing tailored training courses for their respective roles.


Satva Softech used, Angular, iOS and Android

Satva Softech used, Angular, Native iOS and Android to update CCR’s platform to help vulnerable students, their family members and the people who work around them to support them on a daily basis. Our solution was aim at helping the drivers, assistants, and staff perform their daily tasks more efficiently while using this platform to make their everyday life easier. Read on to find out more…

Automatic Process

The automatic process of this platform has direct safety and wellbeing benefits. It updates route details, child/parent details, school holidays as well as driver absences. It even gives alerts for damaged equipment/vehicle parts to maintain student and staff safety.

Advanced Reporting

Fast Communication

Easy and fast communication made possible through the platform as it sends bulk messages, emails to drivers, passenger assistant and parents. It also sends out traffic updates to parents and drivers, keeping them informed of schedule changes or issues.

Easy Information Access


The advantages of this platform are legion; capable of handling and managing the various personal documents of staff and members securely, it will also send reminders to drivers of when their certificates, driving licence, MOT etc. expire in time for renewal, preventing issues or unforeseen stoppages ahead of time.