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Handcrafted elegance
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Bespoke Craftsmanship required bespoke workflow

Adam Hope Bespoke are a team of experienced craftsman who specialise in quality handmade furniture, beautifully crafted for homes and offices.


Before any carpentry and joinery skills are employed, AHB meet with their clients to listen to and visualise their ideas. Once they have a grasp of the requirement, their task is to estimate all materials, parts and labour required to complete the fit.

Faster quoting process

Adam Hope Bespoke knew that this process could be optimised with a bespoke piece of kit to automate it. To achieve a quicker quoting process, our system started with a predefined list of all of inventory items, and predefined collections of items that are commonly used together. This list, combined with a customer record on a simple CRM, would stay with the person quoting through every stage of the process.

Clones, versions and insights

Some interesting features were developed which helped other processes at the warehouse. Firstly, cloning an old quote to form the basis of a new quote as the core requirements are sometimes similar, now they just need to tweak it a little to tailor it. Next was versioning as, from their experience, customers are likely to add to or take from there original ideas, we wanted make it easy to see the old version and rectify it for the new.  Finally we created a space for the craftsman to record quantities used so management can start to get an insight of difference between estimate vs actual on every job.


“From our initial chat to the proposal, everything was clear on what we wanted to achieve and how it was going to be delivered. They understood my pain points and overcame my hurdles. The results were amazing, it has transformed and improved our business. More importantly, it moves me away from SPREADSHEETS!”.


The team at Adam Hope Bespoke can now generate quotes much faster and therefore quote more jobs. They have more visibility to manage inventory, low stock items, quotes jobs, total value of quotes. Joiners’ can now add value as their input helps monitor and update stock usage, before they go about delivering beautiful bespoke furniture.