We are a small team of designers and developers, who help brands with big ideas.

In this day and age, a modern web site is an essential part of every business. Well designed and maintained website is the most efficient way to get potential customers from all over the world.

With availability of various efficient and cost-effective CMS in the industry, the static websites are becoming less and less popular now. More businesses are using CMS instead of static websites as it allows users to update contents without the fear of breaking website design and style.

Are you starting up new business and require cost-effective and spectacular website with CMS? Do you need advanced CMS with stunning branding? We can do it.

1. Easy to use and Increased Productivity:

Our focus is to create applications that are easy to use and it works exactly the way that your business you want. By using Agile Development Process, we regularly demonstrate the progress and seek feedbacks from our customers to ensure that the application is being developed in right direction and good quality is maintained through with high customer satisfaction rate.

2. High Quality Support

Most of the software applications require after development support. We acknowledge that how important these applications are for businesses. Our philosophy to have developers directly supporting applications instead of independent support team – this enables speedy answers to your support queries and helps customers with further improvements on our software applications.

3. Maintainable:

We understand that the new requirements will come along and further changes will be required to meet new requirements or improve its performance. We design flexible software applications which can easily accommodate further changes with minimal cost.

4. Cost-effective:

There are various technologies, tools and practices popular for bespoke software development. Our aim is to provide cost-effective and efficient solution which are more than good enough for your requirements and provide better value for money.

Various Software Application Types:
  • Data science and file processing applications using Python
  • Automation of any business tasks
  • CRM systems
  • Data Processing and Reporting Systems
  • Convert Excel/Access files to easy to use windows application
  • Database application
  • Market Data Application for financial services
Various Technologies for Software applications:
  • Microsoft.NET
    • C#.NET
    • VB.NET
    • WPF Applications
    • Console Applications
    • Windows Services
  • C++
  • Java
  • Python