It easier the task of HR process.Easier process of approval and its tracking for various request An employee can get all at one place about the company.The employee can get the solution of their question, complaint, confusion from others.Easier task process so can improve the efficiency of managing project and fasten the process.

Project Details

Clients want to manage their employee details and can get it when required. Can search employee and find the related result. All news, events, and announcement can enter and send it via email to all employees. All employee can check more detailed it and related pictures and details.

Features :

  • Employee Details
  • Company News, Events, Announcement
  • Discussion Board & Survey
  • Complaint and Suggestions box
  • Meeting management
  • Task Management
  • Birthday Reminder
  • Leave management
  • Expense Reimbursement
  • Travel Requisition

Project Duration:

4 months Satva Softech is a pool of quality talent.

Technologies Used:

Client Feedback

"It was great pleasure working with SATVA Softech. They have very transparent development process which is customer focused and result oriented."