Nitin Patel


Nitin Patel is a co-founder and Chief executive officer of SatvaSoftech. As a Chief executive officer, Nitin Patel leads company’s growth and manages project development. He is a passionate IT professional with a wealth of experience in software development in various sectors which includes financial services and biometrics.

Dhrupesh Vara

Technical development and support

Dhrupesh Vara is a technical development and support member of the team. With this role, it allows Dhrupesh to help clients. Dhrupesh has stuck with IT related skills for almost all his life starting from the age of 10 when he got his first computer and started playing around with websites. At the age of 13 Dhrupesh began to program and then learnt more skills around that area. Dhrupesh had done 5 years of studying the IT world and is now working with Satvasoftech.

Charles Janes

Sales support

Charles is a new addition to the Satvasoftech team and is currently working as a marketing and sales assistant. With a background in media studies and digital marketing, He also handles the day to day running of Satvasoftech’s online presence.