Weather it is a software application or a website design, our focus is to provide a cutting-edge solution which is cost effective and good value for money for your business.

Even though we use the latest technology solutions and follow industry standard processes, PEOPLE are always the focus. We try to use the process which is more suitable to our clients and we are always flexible to change based on our customer’s requirements and nature of projects.

The complexity and efforts required for IT solutions varies based on the nature and needs of the projects. We would like to sit down with our clients and understand the business requirements.

– Once the requirements of the project are fairly clear and we can provide consultation on various solutions, e.g.

– which technologies to use (.NET/JAVA etc.)?

– Develop project in-house or offshore?

– Split the projects in various phases or not?

– Is it even worth investing for custom software application?!

– Should it be a web based solution or not?

– Are there any other processes we can automate?

– Should we use any existing of-the-shelf product?



1.     Discuss Requirements & Free Consultations

2.     Propose Possible Solutions and Cost

3.     Start Development & Continuous Feedback

4.     Project Completion and Delivery



After-development support is key to a success of software applications. We are committed to providing quality technical support. We are easily approachable and all our technical support will be provided from London office.

Understand your business

Work with you to agree a custom solution

Build your products – with your feedback

Deployment and support